About shudhhata

Our health is a reflection of our lifestyle and eating patterns. The food we consume today has undergone extensive processing, is highly refined and contains chemical additives. In terms of long-term health benefits, a small modification in our eating habits can significantly benefit towards a healthy lifestyle. It is the right time to invest in wholesome food practices and bring back ancient techniques of food processing

At shudhhata we believe in picking up the best quality wheat and oilseeds and we process them with Vedic Indian culture. In order to bring fresh, wholesome, and nutrient dense food back to your plate, we combine the art and science of traditional Indian grinding processing.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide premium quality, nutritious, and sustainable food products to customers.

We strive to source the finest ingredients, using traditional methods to extract oil and grind grains to produce atta. We are committed to maintaining transparency in our operations and ensuring that all products are ethically and sustainably processed. By continuously improving its processes and product offerings, we aim to be the preferred choice for health-conscious consumers.

Our Vision

We envision becoming a leading provider of high-quality, healthy, and sustainable food products.

We aim to source the best ingredients and use food processing methods our ancestors have followed for ages to grind atta and oil. The low-speed crushing and grinding ensure that the grains, pulses, oil seeds, etc retain their nutritional values. Our goal is to educate consumers on the importance of healthy eating and to provide them with accessible and affordable products that support their well being. Ultimately, the vision is to create a positive impact on people’s lives and the planet.

Why Choose Us?

Shuddhata Food is established with the aim of reviving Vedic food manufacturing techniques. By choosing Shuddhata, you don’t simply select a food item; you also select a healthy life and a good future. By offering a wide variety of Atta and Oils that are free of harmful chemicals and preservatives, we distinguish ourselves as a respectable option in the market.

Core Values

Traditionally Stone Ground Chakki Fresh Atta


We acquire whole grains of the highest quality that have been carefully selected and processed in a natural stone-ground mill that operates at a very slow speed (or low RPM).

This produces cold-pressed atta with all of the nutrients present, replicating the oldfashioned hand-operated atta chakki. Especially to follow the traditional method of grain grinding we have brought the special stone from Rajasthan.